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About Michelle



Hi, I’m Michelle, a Balmain naturopath who has lived with an auto-immune disease called ulcerative colitis since my late teens. I understand what it’s like to struggle with your health day after day, feeling out of control… wondering how long you’ll be in remission and when your next flare up will be.

After experiencing severe illness and several major surgeries due to my condition, I struggled with my health for many years and was worried about my future. I decided to visit a naturopath to see what natural medicine may have to offer me. Over time I started to make changes to my diet and lifestyle and incorporated herbal medicine and specific supplements into my daily routine.

I resonated with the naturopathic approach of addressing the cause not just the symptoms, with a focus on prevention and education. I wanted to learn more and so embarked on my health science (naturopathy) degree. My primary motivation then became to help other people struggling with chronic illness, to support their health and be part of their team on the road to feeling well and staying well.

I understand the juggle of work, kids, family responsibilities and relationships can be overwhelming. Life is for living, and we are not perfect beings, but sometimes our health just doesn’t get the priority it deserves. My interest in natural health came about because I realised through my own lived experience, good health is one of the most valuable things we can possess. It’s something worth investing in, to give yourself the chance to live your best life, for yourself and everyone else who is important in your life. So that is how I got here and why I am so motivated to support you on your path to good health.

As a Balmain naturopath and a local resident of Lilyfield, I’m passionate about helping the local community and work with clients from the neighbouring areas of Rozelle, Leichhardt and Annandale.

Balmain Naturopath Michelle Campbell

Qualifications and professional membership

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Practitioner member of Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Specialist post graduate training with Dr Jason Hawrelak at the Microbiome Restoration Center:

Certified Healthy Gut Practitioner 

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Beattie Street Health Studio

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Phone: 0455 500 117

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