Free introductory Naturopath chat

15 mins
Interested to know more about how I can help? I believe that the practitioner/client relationship is a key factor in treatment success, therefore I would like to ensure that you feel confident when booking your initial appointment. I offer a complimentary 15 min discovery call where I can introduce myself and you can ask me more detailed questions about the services I offer and how I can address your health concerns.

Initial Naturopath consultation

60 mins
During your initial naturopath consultation with me we will discuss your current health concerns. I will ask you questions which will enable me to gain an holistic picture of your current physical and mental health, diet and lifestyle, and any challenges you are facing. I will work with you to establish what your health priorities are and provide you with a customised treatment plan and prescription specific to your needs. As part of your treatment plan, I may prescribe particular nutritional supplements, customised herbal medicines, and flower essences, or make referrals to other health professionals which will support your health goals. Your personal prescription will also take into consideration any medications you have been prescribed by your GP or other supplements you are currently taking. Functional pathology testing may also be recommended if relevant to your health concerns;

  • Gut health; Microbiome analysis and digestive markers (Co-Biome), intestinal permeability, SIBO breath testing, organic acid urine testing (OAT)
  • Nutrigenomic (genetic) testing
  • Hormonal health (DUTCH)
  • Thyroid function tests – full testing panels
  • Food intolerance testing (IgG, IgA)

Follow Up Naturopath Consultation

45 mins
The follow up appointment usually occurs 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation At this appointment we will review your treatment plan, discuss your progress, successes and challenges and agree on the next steps forward. Where necessary we may redefine and re-establish health goals or determine if any further pathology testing or referrals may be required.

Naturopath consultation - children and acute

30 mins
A shorter follow up consultation for children and existing adult patients.  This may be for acute cold and flu symptoms, supplement advice pre and post travelling, immune support, sleep remedies or refining an existing prescription.

Get started package

The get started package is designed to kick start your journey to better health. It consists of 1 initial 60 min naturopath consult and 2 x follow up consultations.

Keep On Track Pack

A block of follow up naturopath consultations to keep the momentum going, or just get your health back on track! It consists of 3 x 45 min follow up consultations.
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